Euchre Card Game Rules: How to Play

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Euchre is a trick-taking card game commonly played with four players in two partnerships. It’s known for its fast-paced play and the use of a trump suit.

The Deck and Players

  • Players: 4, in teams of two.
  • Deck: A short deck of 24, 28, or 32 cards, typically removing cards below 9.


  • To score points by winning tricks, especially those containing the high-value cards in the trump suit.


  1. Dealing: Five cards to each player in batches of two or three.
  2. Choosing Trump: The upcard’s suit is offered as trump; players may pass or accept, or the dealer may decide.
  3. The Play: The player to the dealer’s left leads the first trick. Players follow suit if possible; if not, they may play any card, including trump.
  4. Trump Suit: The highest card of the trump suit wins the trick unless a higher trump is played.


  • Points are scored for winning tricks, especially those with the right and left Bower (the Jack of the trump suit and the other Jack of the same color).
  • Games are often played to 10 points.


  • Anticipating the opponent’s moves and using trump cards effectively.
  • Cooperation with your partner is key to controlling the play.

Euchre offers a blend of strategy, teamwork, and quick thinking, making it a popular social card game.

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