How to Play Dutch Blitz Card Game in 5 Simple Steps

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Learning how to play Dutch Blitz card game is easy and fun! Follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Setup: Each player gets a deck of 40 cards, shuffled and placed in their “Blitz Pile”. The goal is to get rid of this pile.
  2. Building Stacks: Players have three “Post Piles” on the table and a three-card “Wood Pile” in hand. Cards are stacked in descending order with alternating colors.
  3. Dutch Piles: In the center, create shared “Dutch Piles” starting with one card and building up in ascending order by color.
  4. Gameplay: Players simultaneously play cards from their “Blitz Pile,” “Post Piles,” or “Wood Pile” onto the “Dutch Piles” or their own “Post Piles”. Speed is key!
  5. Winning: The first player to empty their “Blitz Pile” shouts “Blitz!” and scores points based on remaining cards.
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