how to play hand and foot card game in simple steps

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Hand and Foot is an exciting card game that requires four players and five decks of cards. Here’s a simple guide to get you started:

  • Objective: The aim is to score the most points by forming melds with sets of cards.
  • Setup: Each player gets two sets of 11 cards: one “Hand” and one “Foot.” The remaining cards form a draw pile.
  • Gameplay: Players draw two cards from the draw pile and discard one card on each turn. Use your “Hand” first; once emptied, move to the “Foot.”
  • Melds: Create melds with a minimum of three cards of the same rank. Melds can be “clean” (no wild cards) or “dirty” (with wild cards).
  • Going Out: To go out, a player must use all cards in their “Foot” and meet specific meld requirements. This ends the game round.
  • Scoring: Points are awarded for cards in melds and deducted for cards left in hand. Common point values are Aces (20), numbered cards (5-10), and wild cards (50).

Enjoy mastering the Hand and Foot card game with these simple steps!

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