How to Play the Card Game 21: A Quick Guide

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Playing the card game 21, also known as Blackjack, is simple and exciting. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  • Objective: Get your card total to 21 or closest without going over.
  • Setup: Use a standard 52-card deck. Each player gets two cards, face up, while the dealer has one card face up and one face down.
  • Card Values: Number cards are worth their face value, face cards (King, Queen, Jack) are worth 10, and Aces can be 1 or 11.
  • Player Moves: You can ‘Hit’ (take another card) or ‘Stand’ (keep your current hand). You may also ‘Double Down’ or ‘Split’ if conditions allow.
  • Dealer Rules: The dealer reveals their hidden card and must hit until at least 17.
  • Winning: If your hand value is higher than the dealer’s without exceeding 21, you win!

Enjoy mastering how to play the card game 21 with this quick guide!

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